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About "Event"

Petromindo.Com is certainly the most suitable site for you to place information about the events you are going to hold.

Here are the reasons:

Focused audience

Our readers include professionals, senior leaders in petroleum, mining and power industries, governmental officials as well as experts. These are the people who set directions and make all important decisions in the industries. These are also the people who you want to invite into your events.

High traffic

Thousands of unique visitors visit Petromindo.Com every day. They are all eager to get updated with latest information on industries every day. They understand that Petromindo.Com is the best source information on Indonesian petroleum, mining and power industries. If you put information about your events on the website, you can rest assured that you will catch the attention of thousands of people every day - all of them are important people

Low Cost

We offer competitive costs. You may either place event ads in our "event" channel or in banners. While placement in the "event" channel is still free, you have to pay some amount of money for placing ads in banners. For sure, by placing you event ads in banner, you make your events more prominent and you can catch much bigger attention of Petromindo.Com's readers for your events.

Our Event Portfolios

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