Mobil Cepu Ltd.

Tender Announcement

Mobil Cepu Ltd. (MCL), an ExxonMobil subsidiary, acting as a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) Contractor of BPMIGAS under the Cepu PSC as well as Operator on behalf of other parties constituting Contractors under such PSC, hereby invite interested companies with relevant experience, capabilities, and applicable Indonesian permits to participate in a Pre-Qualification for Tendering to provide:
Scope of Work:
The successful contractor shall manage and perform follow-on and construction engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning activities associated with the Banyu Urip Onshore Export Pipeline System (“epC-2”) located in East Java under a lump sum contract. The contract scope consists of roughly 72 km of NPS 20” onshore coated and insulated pipeline and associated works required to transport crude oil from the Central Field Facilities (“CFF”) to a shore facility near Tuban. The CFF and offshore components that will tie in to the epC-2 facilities will be performed under separate contract. The detailed engineering for the epC-2 facilities has been performed by others, and the coated and insulated line pipe will be supplied by MCL. The successful contractor will need to ensure the quality of the engineering provided and perform the follow-on and construction engineering necessary to install the pipeline and associated facilities. The successful contractor will receive the free-issued coated/insulated line pipe from a coating yard and be responsible for controlling and managing the logistics associated with the line pipe as well as other materials to be procured by contractor. The contractor shall install the pipeline and associated works and manage safety, quality, Security, cost and schedule on and off the right of way. The contractor shall manage the work through mechanical completion and provide assistance to commissioning. The successful contractor shall be responsible for the interfaces with the CFF and offshore pipeline contractors to ensure a smooth commissioning process and for the interfaces with local and governmental regulators to obtain the necessary permits and approvals needed for construction.
General Pre-Qualification Requirements to Receive a Pro-Qualification Questionnaire:
1. Companies interested in participating in completing a written detailed Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for Tendering for the above epC
2. LS project are invited to register by submitting an original letter (prepared on company’s letter head paper, signed by authorized officer of the Company) complete with the following information:
Information should be submitted in English:
1.1 - Contact person (and fax. No) for purpose of the Pre-Qualification
1.2 - Description of company, parent company, consortium or incorporated joint venture as applicable for this work
1.3 - A written statement attesting that the prospective bidder has relevant qualifications including, but not limited to, all of the following items:
• Experience in the past 7 years on major oil & gas onshore pipeline contracts (in progress or completed) of similar scope valued at 50 Million USD or greater that includes engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.
• Technical/ execution capabilities (including resources, organization, expertise, procedures, systems, and local knowledge) in safety, quality, project management, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning to perform the EPC work to completion;
• Project management experience in.
• Financial capability to perform the work.
• Evidence of payment of latest annual taxes.
• Is not in court dispute or arbitration with BPMIGAS or any of the parties constituting Contractors under the Cepu PSC and or any of the affiliates of such Contractor.
• Is hot bankrupt or declared bankcrupt or subject to any bankcruptcy procedure of any kind.
• Have relevant and valid certificates and documents, including but not limited to documents indicating its valid incorporation and existence under the laws of Indonesia, such as its Deed of Establishment and Articles of Association, documents related to its business activity as required under the applicable laws and regulations such as SIUJK, NPWP (Tax payer identification number), SKT MIGAS for Construction Services, a valid certification applicable to the construction service business as issued pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations such as a valid SBU with a valid NRBU and suitable Certificate of Association applicable to the scope of work for non-small business company classification.
3. When submitting the requirements under clause 1, interested companies must state that all information submitted for the Pre-Qualification is true, and accept disqualification if information submitted is found to be not true.
• Registration Period: 13.30 -15.30 hours, from 24th -30th April 2008 at
Sealed Bid Administrator
Wisma GKBI, Ground Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 28, Jakarta
Telephone 021-5740707-extention 1066.
Reference Pre-Qual B-3207083.
Registration outside this Aiming will be rejected
• Submittals which do not include all of the information in items (land 2) above will not be considered.
• Successful registrants will be invited to collect a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
• The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire explains the Pre-Qualification process and requests data/information for interested companies to demonstrate their qualifications.
• Only prime contractors and consortiums/ incorporated Joint Ventures, found qualified under the Pre-Qualification process will be invited to competitively tender.
• All costs incurred in conjunction with this pre-qualification, and any subsequent requests for information, shall be to the account of the interested company.
This invitation to pro-qualify for the tender process is not an invitation to tender. MCL is neither committed nor obligated to undertake the work described or to issue any call for tender or to include any respondent to this invitation or other company on any tender lists, or to award any form (s) of contract. The Invitation to tender and full tendering information will be sent only to companies that have been pre-qualified. MCL will not make any form of payment for submissions presented in response to this notice.
Jakarta, 23 April 2008
Mobil Cepu Ltd.
Procurement Committee