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Tender Announcement
Inpex Masela, Ltd

Pengumuman Lelang
Tender Announcement
No: TA/MAS/2009/10
In compliance with BPMIGAS regulation No. 007/PTK/VI/2004, INPEX MASELA, LTD. (INPEX), hereby request companies to participate in Pre-Qualification for Offshore Geophysical Survey for Abadi Gas Field Development in the Arafura Sea, Indonesia. The work is expected to start in November2009.
Brief Description
a. Tender Number: FEN/MAS/01/2009/02R
b. Subject tender: Geophysical Survey for Abadi Gas Production Facilities Project-Retender
Scope of Work
Company intends to install the Abadi Gas Production Facilities consisting of a subsea system and floating liquefied natural gas plant in the Indonesian sector of the Arafura Sea, approximately 2,600 km south east of Jakarta and approximately 170 km south west of Saumlaki, the capital city of Maluku Tenggara Beret Regency, Maluku Province. Water depth at the location is 400 m to 750 m the field location is currently undeveloped arid the seabed relatively uncharted. The purpose of this work is to establish the bathymetric and near surface geotechnical conditions at the field location to allow the Front End Engineering Design to be carried out.
The successful bidder will carry out a geophysical survey covering the whole in4leld area, mooring area and pipeline corridors. The survey will include;
• Swath bathymetry;
• Side scan sonar; and
• Sub-bottom profiling (using an AUV).
The above areas will consist 4 km x 4 km square each for 4 locations and along the flowline routes.
The geophysical survey will assist in confirming the feasibility of the proposed facilities and for establishing the scope of work for a subsequent geotechnical survey to be carried out. Should any hazards be identified, then additional survey work May be required to Investigate the wider site region in addition to the survey outlined above.
The scope includes provision of all engineering services, personnel, consumables, tools, equipment, survey vessel and logistics required to carryout the proposed scope
1 Date: 29-30 Juli 2009
2. Time: 10.00-15.00
3. Place: 7th floor MidPlaza 1, JI. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 10-11 Jakarta 10220
4. Interested foreign bidders must have a joint co-operation agreement with an Indonesian Company
5. Administrative Document: Participants are requested to submit an original letter signed by an authorized officer of the bidder complete with a copy of the following documents;
a. Description of bidder, parent company, consortium, or joint venture as applicable to this work;
c. Company’s article of association (Akte Perusahaan) and amendment if any;
d. Company board of directors;
e. Qualified certificate association in the subjected field; MIGAS certificate;
g. Confirmation that there are no ongoing disputes with BPMIGAS;
h. Latest financial statements audited;
i. Confirmation that the company is not bankrupt;
j. TDP and NPWP;
k. Valid Statement of tax Payment for the previous rear (SPT Tahunan 1771 Tahun terakhir, SSP Tahun Terakhir & Bukti Penerimaan Surat Setoran Pajak Tahun Terakhir); and
l. A written statement attesting that the prospective bidder has relevant qualifications to execute this work including experience of offshore geophysical surveys in the past 7 years for major oil arid gas projects in water depths greater than 200 m
6. Bidders who do not submit complete documentation cc requested in item 5 above cannot participate in this tender. Successful registrants will be invited to collect a Pre-Qualification Document.
The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire requests data and information for interested bidders to demonstrate their qualifications. Only bidders found qualified under the Pre-Qualification process will be invited to tender. Interested bidders must state that at information submitted for the Pre-Qualification is true and accept disqualification if the information submitted is found to be untrue.
Jakarta, 28 Juli 2009
Procurement Committee - INPEX MASELA, LTD
For further information pieces contact:
Phone: 021-5700557 or Fax 021-5700575

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