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3rd Annual Business Meeting of Indonesian Coal Producers and Buyers Proudly Presents
The 3rd

Annual business meeting of Indonesian coal producers and buyers

Monday - Tuesday, September 23 - 24, 2013
The Stones Hotel Legian - Bali

Confirmed Speakers

Mr. Jero Wacik,
Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

Awang Faroek Ishak,
East Kalimantan Governor

Irianto Lambrie,
North Kalimantan Governor,

Mr. Bob Kamandanu,
Chairman of Indonesian Coal Mining Association

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Following the great success of last year's conference and exhibition, Indonesia's leading energy news portal, and CoalAsia magazine with a full support from the Directorate General of Mineral Resources and Coal at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources are delighted to present the 3rd business meeting of coal producers and buyers and mining exhibition.

This meeting will bring together coal buyers and traders from overseas and domestic to discuss the supply and demand trend particularly in market of China, India, Japan and Korea. The meeting would also gauge potential in emerging market in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) countries as Indonesia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippine; Thailand and Malaysia are to increasingly rely on coal to meet its growing energy requirements and to achieve more balanced energy mix.

The two-day meeting would also present Indonesia's major and emerging producers of thermal and coking coal, who will give details on their production outlook in the coming years, as well as business strategists to deal with the volatile coal prices, while high ranking officials from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources would reveal key regulatory framework in the Indonesian coal mining industry.

Why Should Attend

  • Hear directly from key buyers/traders in Indonesia on future trend of demand.
  • Discover the current and  future importing trend of coal in Asia market
  • Meet and talk directly with coal buyers/traders from Indonesia
  • Meet with producers of thermal and coking coal in Indonesia
  • Evaluate the key regulatory framework in coal mining in Indonesia
  • Assess the future trend of thermal and coking coal production in Indonesia
  • Meet foreign buyers mainly from Asia
  • Networking opportunities

Who Should Attend the Meeting

  • Mining company executives
  • Coal Producers
  • Coal Buyers
  • Mining Consultants
  • Financiers
  • Mining Lawyers
  • Commodities Analysts & Traders
  • Investment Analysts
  • Investment Bankers
  • Private Investors

Golf Tournament

There are two main activities to be held during the meeting this year; conference and exhibition with golf tournament, as well as gala dinner prior to the conference.

Golf Tournament will be held on September 22, expecting more than 150 participants. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Jero Wacik himself, accompanied by high ranking offi cials from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, will take part in the tournament.

Defi : +62-21-7227692
Siska : +62-21-7226896
F: +62-21-7226898


Bahasa (simultaneous english interpreter is provided subject to request)


Rp 8.500.000 or US$ 900 / person

(including conference materials, Coffee Breaks, and Lunch)

Golf Tournament:
Rp 3.500.000 or US$ 400 / person


Transfer to Bank Ekonomi,
Cabang Cempaka Putih, Jakarta.
Acc. No. : 909-0039-23900 (IDR)
Acc. No. : 909-0039-23117 (USD)
Acc. Holder: PT Binadi Reksa Dayatama



The 3rd


Day One, Monday, September 23, 2013
    Opening remarks:
"Ensuring Sustainable Coal Production"
Session I: Key regulatory changes: what is the trend look like?
    This panel session will discuss key regulations currently being imposed in coal mining in Indonesia. What are draft regulations being discussed by the government? What is the government stand on the coal export? What are the roles of coal in Indonesia's energy mix policy?
Session II : The current state and future trend of domestic coal demand
    Key issues to be discussed in this session are overview of current demand of coal in domestic market. How the PLN as the main buyers select its buyers? How significant the demand from cement producers who currently upgrade the production capacity? How much is coal demand in 2014?. What is the market share of coking coal? Are there any changes in coal suppliers?
Session III: Foreign buyers roundtable:
The future role of Indonesian coal in Asia market
    This roundtable session will feature foreign perspective in mapping the coal demand in China, India, Japan and Korea. What is the importing trend of coal from Indonesia? What are opportunities and challenges in importing coal from Indonesia? What are the strategies in place for sourcing sufficient thermal coal to meet demand in Asia market?
Session IV : ASEAN buyers:
Prospect for Indonesian coal export in emerging ASEAN market
    Countries in Southeast Asia are increasingly relying on coal power to meet the growing energy requirements. The session would assess opportunities for coal miners in Indonesia to expand market into the region. What are the shares of coal-fired plants in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines in their total energy mix. What are factors shaping increase trend?
Session V : Traders and Analyst Perspective: Thermal Coal pricing trend
    The panel will discuss the prices trend of thermal coal in short term and next year. How is the competition among suppliers amid the possibility of continuing flood of coal from the United States, Australia and Columbia into Asia market? How competitive is Indonesian coal in global market?
Day Two, Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Session I: Government Session
    This panel session will discuss regulations on coal export. What are impacts on coal policies in China, India and other foreign market to Indonesia's coal. What are policies curently imposed on coal sea transportation.
Session II: Producers' perspective:
Outlook of Indonesian thermal coal production
    This panel discussion will offer rare opportunity to hear from Indonesia's coal producers about their business strategies/plans, including the prospects for ramping up production. What are the strategies in addressing logistical challenges? What are the future growth projections of new coal players? What are the key challenges needed to be overcome to give them the competitive edge.
Session III : Coking coal production and coke demand in Indonesia
    The session will discuss key issues of key challenges facing coking coal producers from regulations, market fluctuations and contract negotiations perspective. How is the demand trend on coking coal in Indonesian market and the projections of future growth for Indonesia's steel sector.
Session IV: Port and Logistic challenges
    The session will discuss coal sea logistic and transhipment services to support the development coal mine in Sumatra. What are challanges such in material handling, barging and floating crane services in coal mining value chai.
Session V: Financial and logistic challenges
    Key topics to be discussed in this session are financing trend and options suitable for coal mining. How the local banks and financial institution are position themselves to support the growth of Indonesia's mining sector. What strategies are developed by supporting companies to help miners cut production cost. Potential of M&A trend in coking coal.

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